Rebecca Heat Erasable High Temperature Disappearing Invisible Tailoring Pen 10pcs (White 5 and Blue 5) ThogaExpress buy @ wholesale price

High temperature fade fabric marker 2 colors (Blue - 5 and White - 5), abundant size for long time use. Better meet your needs. Non-toxic and safe for your use. High temperature disappearing fabric marker refills, 4colors, abundant quantity to use for a long time, better meet your needs. Non-toxic and safe for your use.Special ink erases with heat, a quick touch of the iron and the marks are gone. There’s no need to pre-treat and launder fabric to remove ghost lines. Saving time, effort, and money.Can use for dress marking, shoe marking, handicraft, embroidery, cross-stitch, patchwork, needlework, and artificial flowers, sewing project, Patchwork, Needlework, cutting mark, transfer pattern markings, needlecraft & quilting designs.Blue, Red, Black can be used on light leather or cloth, milky white can only be used on cloth, white can only be used on dark leather,4colors meets your various colors of fabrics. Perfect to markup/write/design anything you like on fabric. Quality Assurance. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so if there is any problem with our fabric marker refills, contact us, we will help you solve it. Note: 1. White initially draws no color, it takes about 20 seconds to develop color (White marker is only for leather and may not be colored on cotton fabric). 2. White will reappear at minus 35 degrees, blue, red, and black will reappear at around 8 degrees below zero. 3. Due to the problem of the display, the color will have a little color difference 4. For some fabrics this is not suitable. ThogaExpress buy @ wholesale price