Hair Wig Waive with Claw Clips 16" For Women ThogaExpress buy @ wholesale price

How to fix: Simply attach the clips to your hair and you will have a fascinating and charming look in 1 minute. Removing these hair extensions is also easy. Simply remove the clips and use them for the next time. Special occasions- dress your hair with new look on special occasions like birthday party, wedding etc. PRODUCT SHAMPOO CARE INSTRUCTIONS Pour proper amount of care liguid into cold water, immerse in the wig about 15 minutes. gently wash, do not scrub. dry to half-dry, comb into the beginning of the WiG hairstyle, natural drv hair will be restored to its original shape and more shiny, elastic. On Wigs: When you're not using them for a long time, comb them out and put them in a bag in a cool, dry environment to avoid heat and strain. Wigs are generally about 1-2 months to wash once, according to their wearing the frequency of appropriate adjustments, effectively extend the use of wigs life. ThogaExpress buy @ wholesale price