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Viscose, is a breathable and adaptable fabric made from cellulose fibers that are frequently obtained from wood pulp. Viscose fabric, which is renowned for having a silk-like texture and providing an exquisite feel and shiny look, is an economical and ecological alternative to natural fibers. You can buy online a large selection of viscose textiles at ThogaExpress that may be used for a variety of fashion and home décor applications. Viscose is renowned in the fashion industry for its flowing drapes, which make it the perfect material for dresses, skirts, blouses, and scarves. Its breathable qualities and light weight make it the most comfortable fabric for summer wear, while its plush texture gives evening wear a touch of elegance. Due to its gorgeous drapes, vivid upholstery, and cushion covers, viscose fabric is also becoming more and more popular in home furnishings. Our carefully curated Viscose collection ensures quality, variety, and ethical sourcing, aligning with the modern demands for eco-friendly fabric choices. ThogaExpress buy @ wholesale price